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Kuriel App

The smart business email app

What is this?

Kuriel started life as Zoomin, an Outlook for desktop plugin, and grew into an email app with strong ambitions, but lacking in ease of use. Through user research, prototypes and concept creation, I was able to bring the rebranded app to its current state, garnering positive reviews from many new users. The biggest shift in UX came from creating an app that worked for the user instead of making the user work the app. Using AI and ML long before it was cool, the app assisted you in making sure you never missed an important message or reply. Emphasis was put on creating “just enough help” – balancing when to help and when to stay out of the user’s way. This was done to minimize cognitive overload in already taxed users. 

The design was completely overhauled as well, creating a sense of delight and comfort. Various logos were considered, ultimately settling on the more minimal abstract design. I also designed all branding, marketing materials, app store assets, copy, and more.

Who was it for?

Kuriel is an iPhone email app for Microsoft Exchange designed for business professionals who get 100+ emails a day. Kuriel helps users organize, focus and get it done.

Get quick access to what is most important to you, whether that’s an important category, person, company or conversation. Kuriel automatically keeps your inbox clean by setting aside newsletters, automated emails, and other non-urgent messages. Mark an email to “read later” and it won’t clutter your inbox anymore.

  • Designer

    Andy Morris

  • Work on display

    Branding. Logo Design. UX Design.