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Volunteers for the World

Campaigns for CUSO-VSO

What is this?

CUSO-VSO came to me with an idea they had for a new campaign. They knew they wanted a younger, more modern look, and had settled on the name “Volunteers for the World”. After some creative brainstorming sessions and several proposals, they settled on the “painted hand” campaign. The main imagery work involved a 2 day photo shoot with returned volunteers over CUSO-VSO’s 50 year history, which was then altered in Photoshop to superimpose their placement location on their hand. We also interviewed the participants and gathered stories about their time overseas. The images were used for a variety of marketing materials (brochure, poster, folio, web) and the stories were to be tied to each volunteer’s photo on the website. A full style guide was created to allow their internal team to maintain branding after project completion. The website was designed to be clean and simple, yet have a lot of depth. CUSO-VSO had 6 main actions they wanted users to perform, as well as provide extensive information about the cause.

Who was it for?

CUSO-VSO are an international development organization that works to reduce poverty and inequality through the efforts of skilled volunteers.

CUSO-VSO places people of all ages who collaborate with local groups on projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia. Volunteers share expertise and perspectives, and unlock potential.

  • Designer

    Andy Morris

  • Work on

    Branding. Logo Design. UX Design. Photography. Illustration. Web Design.

  • Photographer

    Jeff Winch