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Passion. Action. Impact. Volunteer Canada TV Spot

What is this?

Volunteer Canada was interested in producing 1m:30s and 1m:00s spots for web, TV broadcast, and projection at a banquet. The videos were to look like an animated infographic image, with heavy typography animation. Each of the videos also had to be produced in English and French. In order to convey their messages quickly and maintain the infographic look, I settled on using stick figures as a means of matching the minimalism of the typographic design. The overall visual was designed to match their marketing materials, making it feel like a “brochure come to life”. The animation was created using Anime Studio Pro (for animating stick figures with “bones”) and Apple Motion (for text and camera movements).

This animation has won a VEMA award and a Platinum Pixie Award.

VEMA award

Who was it for?

Volunteer Canada is the national voice for volunteerism in Canada. Since 1977, we have been committed to increasing and supporting volunteerism and civic participation through ongoing programs, special projects, national initiatives, resource development and by engaging in research and training across the country.

Volunteer Canada actively leads national dialogues on how volunteerism is related to citizen engagement and civil society. At the same time, it provides leadership on issues and trends in the Canadian volunteer movement.

These goals are achieved through its collaborative work with volunteer centres, community and national organizations and businesses alike.

Volunteer Canada’s vision is: Involved Canadians. Resilient communities. A vibrant Canada.